Print Production Services in Canada

Decades of Graphic Art Production Experience

Since 1989, we have leveraged our clients’ brands across commercial printing and digital printing processes with award-winning results.

We have developed top-tier print campaigns for some of North America’s largest companies via packaging and exceptional printing. From design development, packaging, and pre-media to final proofing, our services are met in-house with complete hands-on quality control, all at the convenience of one location.

Let’s Talk About Our Print+ Services

The manufacturing component of Printing is, for the most part, a commodity. Like most printing manufacturing, many suppliers are offering the same or very similar products. We have a set of in-house printing capabilities, and we have trusted partners that we turn to when the need arises. This concludes the “Print” component of “Print+.”

The Plus (+) component represents the human element required to get projects printed. This is our Customer Service, Estimating and Production Management teams. The plus factor is where we aim to provide the most value to our clients. Our operations team is suited to provide print management advice on various marketing initiatives.

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Print Production Customer Service

Printing + Design for New and Growing Businesses

Suppose you are starting a new business and need advice on printing your branded material. In that case, we welcome the opportunity to talk to you about our services. We can print a variety of printed products. From small quantities under 100 pieces to larger orders over 1000 pieces.

We can help you with:

  • Identifying what you need to be printed
  • Ensuring that your design files can be printed

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On-Demand + Quick Turnaround + Short-Life-Cycle Printed Products

The printing of daily orders for marketing material by sales team members. This can be on-demand orders once a week by teams of 10+ members. Our Digital Kodak NexPress is good for these types of small-quantity print orders. Plus, we offer digital die-cutting – which allows for all sorts of custom shapes to be added to your promotional marketing products.

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Print Management for Marketing Professionals

We can help you get all of your promotional marketing material printed, kitted and shipped.

We can help you with: 

  • Trade and Marketing Displays for Promotional Material
  • Point of Sale Projects
  • Quick to Market Programs
  • Frequent + Quick Turnaround Print Ordering – Monthly and On-Demand

+Value Proposition

Start-to-Finish Project and Client Services

We will work with you and your design agency to finalize production details, research different production techniques, and provide innovative POP displays to add impact to your retail presence.

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Print Manufacturing for Professional Print Buyers

We have experience working with printing professionals, and we understand the level of print management services that you would need.

We can help you with: 

  • Digital Printing + Variable Data Printing
  • Digital Diecutting
  • Traditional Offset Printing
  • UV Offset Printing
  • Large Format Printing

+Value Proposition

We are always looking to develop arrangements that provide value to both parties. We are well suited to cater to the needs of print brokers looking to provide maximum value to their clients. We will coordinate all the components of your projects or just the in-house pre-press and printing portion. Talk to us to start getting pricing on your projects.

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Personalized Direct Mail Printing

The official term for this kind of printing is – “Variable Data Printing”, but we like the term “Personalized Direct Mail” better because it is a more direct wording for marketing projects this type of printing is suited for – which is Direct Mail Marketing. Another way to reference this would be to call it “Targeted Direct Mail Printing”.

We offer more than simple personalized addressing or simple content changes based on the values inside your data file. If you have a database and would like to learn how we can help you produce highly targeted direct mail promotions.

Call us to talk with our team about our personalized printing services.

For more information about our personalized direct mail creative + printing capabilities, read our case study example – Variable Printing With A Twist

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Top Ordered Printed Products By Marketing Departments

This is a list of the top print products our customers ordered. These products are commonly printed in small quantities ranging between 10-1000 pieces per order.

Top 10 items: Posters, Price Cards, Wobbler, Sell Sheets, Clings, Rounds, Shelf Talker


The Kodak NexPress offers a few unique features worth highlighting:

  • Add sparkle to your prints with the printing of Metallic Inks
  • Add textured effects to your prints
  • Print on transparent material with the ability to use a base colour to better manage colour expectations
  • Ideal for printing short-run packaging boxes and display signs – at a maximum sheet size of 14” x 39”

6 Colour 28 X 40 Heidelberg CD with Conventional and UV printing capabilities.

Aqueous and UV Coating options. Printing material from 50 lb. up to 30 pt.

Can print most synthetics, pressure sensitive, packaging board, coated and fine papers.

Make your print stand out with Spot Gloss UV with a Matte background.
Bring your ideas to reality.

Here are some industry terms and their definition. These are the types of printing services that we offer:

Traditional Offset Printing

  • Printing larger quantities on paper, thin plastic, or corrugated cardboard.

UV Offset Printing

  • Same as above. Except Ultraviolet Ink and Lights are used in the process.
  • The benefit of UV Printing is that UV-cured inks are weather-resistant and offer increased resistance to fading. This curing process allows this form of printing to be used with non-traditional materials like plastic and vinyl.

Digital Printing

  • Printing small quantities of a specific design on paper or thin plastic material.
  • Print personalized flyers that can be mailed to all people in your database.

Large Format

  • Printing on really big sheets of paper, vinyl, or plastic.

Commercial Printing

  • Another fancy term that refers to printing services for businesses.

Trade Printing

  • Printing services for professionals who plan on reselling to their customers.

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We can help you with: 

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+Value Proposition

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