Having a 5th color unit on the digital press enables us to expand our capabilities extensively… from the gamut to the type of products we can produce. Starting with the concept of printing white ink, most of the time we rely on the fact that we are printing on white stock, but when we begin to dive into this concept it really opens doors to the possibilities of printing things like: images on coloured substrates, window clings that would otherwise be transparent will appear more vibrant and bright as it will be more opaque visually. Moving on from white the NexPress has a lineup of metallic inks that will add that extra sparkle to any colour. By mixing the metallic with the other process colors we can achieve a wide range of metallic and pearlescent finishes straight off the press.  

Tipping Points

One of the biggest tipping points for choosing the type of printing that is right for your job is size, if your job doesn't fit, it can't go on that press, nothing special to explain there… but when it comes to the NexPress the maximum sheet sizes can be 14"x39". Capabilities like these are great when it comes to printing short run packaging boxes and display signs, by combining this and other features of the NexPress it becomes very financially viable to produce high-quality packaging off a digital press.

Key Capabilities to highlight:

  • 5th color flexibility
  • Stock length + thickness capability
  • Variable finishing, gloss, high gloss + matte fusing

The final step as a sheet comes out of our NexPress is the fusing process, literally living up to the term hot off the press. The fuser will determine what kind of sheen the piece will have. The standard finish is a low gloss look. From there, we can move into different levels of gloss from a protective coating over your image to a high gloss shine that really grabs the eye. NexPress has something for every application. Opposing that the NexPress can also soften the shine of the paper to give it more of a matte finish….also need to mention spot glossing here as well.

Lastly, a feature that is best felt rather than described is the NexPress dimensional clear dry ink. This dry ink will give your image a texture that can be felt when you pick up the piece. Some of the most interesting applications we have done with this involve the “sweat” coming off a cold can. The beads of water on the can will be where the dimensional dry ink is applied, thus giving the perception that the droplets are 3d and popping right out of the page.