Go Bold: Large Format Printing for Greater Impact.

What is large format printing and how does it work?

Discover how large prints make a difference for your company.

Thinking big is what large format printing is all about. At Rayment & Collins, we produce eye-catching large prints that stand out. You name it: banners, signs, wall and window decals, vehicle wraps, backlit displays, posters, packaging prototypes or artistic canvas prints.

Our large format printing isn’t just big; they're packed with top-notch quality. Imagine this: crisp, vibrant details spread over a huge area. That is what we deliver. Not to mention efficient service to ensure that your message reaches its target without delay, and custom die-cutting can shape projects to meet any creative vision you may have.

Rayment & Collins can give your brand that extra edge it needs to stand out.

Our ability to print high-quality, attention-grabbing materials means large prints that really capture people's eyes. That's exactly what you need for maximum brand impact.

Our years of experience allows us to walk you through all the ins and outs of large format printing and finishing to ensure you end up with products that best suit your needs.

The Many Possibilities of Materials: Explore Large Format Printing

Explore the materials used for large format printing and learn what each can offer.

In large format printing, the variety of materials we work with at Rayment & Collins opens up a world of possibilities for your projects. Our wide format printer handles an impressive range of substrates with unique qualities and applications. Here’s a snapshot of what we offer:

Paper Stocks

With matte and glossy options to suit vibrant posters or professional indoor displays.

PVC or Synthetic Stocks

Offering both water resistance and durability, these materials make excellent long-term indoor or outdoor materials.


This is a perfect choice for wide format printing such as banners, signage, and vehicle wraps; it is known for its superior durability and print quality.

Perforated Vinyl

Ideal for window graphics, perforated vinyl allows visibility from both sides while simultaneously showcasing vibrant graphics on one.


Pop-up, pull-up, or retractable banners are ideal for seminars, trade shows, etc. Outdoor banners are ideal for product marketing promotion.


Canvas prints make an eye-catching display in retail environments and art reproduction galleries alike, offering prints a luxurious gallery feel.

Each material offers its own advantages for large format prints, enabling a range of creative and practical uses in large format printing.

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This durable and rigid material is ideal for long-lasting displays and signs with a premium aesthetic.


Lightweight yet strong - Coroplast makes an ideal material for large scale prints such as outdoor signs and displays that require long-term durability. A cost-effective alternative to PVC or Sintra.


An ideal material for outdoor or indoor signage and displays, gatorboard provides an even surface for high-quality printing and durability.


An ideal material for indoor signage and displays, Ultraboard provides a durable even surface for high-quality printing.


An ideal material for indoor signage and displays, foamcore provides an even surface for high-quality printing. A cost-effective alternative to Ultraboard or Gatorboard.


An eco-friendly material perfect for producing recyclable signage and displays.


Perfect for temporary signage, vehicle branding and promotional items - easily install and remove.


We have a wide variety of lamination options that can be used for protection, longevity, durability and finishing that can be used on a number of different substrates.

Customer Support

Your large format printing partner from start to finish.

At Rayment & Collins, our large format printing services go far beyond simple printing; they support your journey from project inception to completion. Each job needs unique planning for pre-printing preparation and post-printing installation services to achieve exceptional results.

Pre-printing precision: on-site visits for perfect large prints planning.

Before we print, we plan. Our team conducts on-site visits to identify potential issues, such as uneven flooring or unexpected obstacles in your space. This detailed evaluation ensures every aspect of big format printing runs smoothly and successfully.

Post-printing excellence: assembly and installation expertise.

Once printed, our commitment to your project does not stop. Our highly trained team takes great care in assembling banners, setting up stands, and precisely installing mounting materials. We ensure that the large format prints you order look visually striking while being displayed securely and professionally.

Latest and Greatest

Step into our world of recent large prints and see what we can do for you.

Explore the potential of Large Format Printing in Ontario.

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