Creative Marketing Services in Canada

A Creative House at its Core

At our house, creativity is a must. We started as a creative pre-media/pre-press company. We progressively added innovative graphic design and web design services to our collective skillset. Our graphic design service is backed by our team of designers who engage in creative concepts and creative production projects.

Our graphic design team is routinely engaged with our customer service representatives, clients and project management systems to ensure all design details and proofs are correctly recorded. Our visual design services have several sub-services, including animation, video editing, 3D rendering, UI mockup, pitch presentations, photography and more.

Our production design service, also known as pre-media/pre-press services, is responsible for the dollar savings mastery needed to ensure our graphic design files are printed without errors. The pre-press department is also responsible for reviewing our packaging artwork before they are sent out for mass production in the range of 100,000 to 1,000,000 units.

Graphic Design for Print

Designing for print production, in some ways, is becoming a lost art. Maybe for some, but not for us at RC. Our roots in the graphic arts give us an advantage in that we know what needs to be considered when it comes to graphic design for print production. And when we speak of print production, we are talking about a few different print production machines, each with its considerations. Long-run offset lithography (traditional printing) has other requirements than short-run digital printing. Same with large format posters and vinyl banner printing.

Knowing the output format of the graphic design will help determine specific design considerations when creating the visual design piece for your project.

Work With Us

Graphic Design for Packaging

With our talent, we can provide a design for the pint, a digital mockup for that pint glass, the branded box for the glass, the physical display pieces, and digital mockups to go along with each piece representing the physical aspects. We’re capable of creating displays for POS and POP using supplied, existing, or custom dielines. We also produce, design and set up files for various can wrap and bottle crate sizes:

  • Shrink-wrapped tall cans
  • 12-pack cans/bottles
  • 15-pack cans/bottles
  • 20, 24, and 28-sized can wrap for “gift in case” promo purposes

Primary Package

We can design from a concept laid out in flat panels on a single-sided proof to a finished product, passing through many departments (design, quality control, pre-press, to press). The design is then printed in various ways: litho, flexo etc., depending on the size of the run and what is available to the client at the time. We take the initial design and create a line extension to be compatible with its designated pack size.

Secondary Package

We also create secondary packaging for promotional items to be housed inside our primary packaging, such as a box housing a branded pint glass, which then sits on a branded standee (with or without die-cuts or die-cut windows). Along with all physical packaging, our designers create digital mockups with each package. Case stackers, Case shippers for promotional items, easel-back displays, dump bins and more.

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Graphic Design for Web

It’s all about speed! Graphic Optimization is becoming a forgotten art in the design community. But not to us. We take page load speed extremely seriously ;). So, when working with us, rest assured we will be preparing your assets to load flawlessly over the web, in addition to them looking rich and vibrant when printed.

We also prioritize designing for accessibility. We help users access information effortlessly. For our clients, this means higher user engagement and better product conversion. More than just clean design, a focus on accessibility means mitigating legal risks and improving customer experience and organizational productivity.

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Graphic Design for Quick Turnaround

Campaign work or regular monthly retainer work is an area we have been living for the past decade. Creating short-life-cycle, brand-specific designs is a passion project for us.

Our roots In graphic management allow us to focus on consistency and speed. If you need to hire a graphic design agency to help you maintain various branded assets, then we are the answer to your graphic design and workflow needs.

Graphic Design efficiency and consistency is our goal. We will help your marketing department focus on seasonal marketing programs as our team focuses on regularly producing consistent graphic design material.

How are we able to produce consistent and on-brand designs daily?

The answer to this falls to our technology solutions team. We’ve discovered that the key to fast turnaround designs – is organization and belief in the concept that more data is more power. We build internal solutions to facilitate the organization and collection of data to help us process our graphic design work in a highly efficient manner.

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