National Pasta

National Pasta - Design and Print

Project Overview

National Pasta was looking to extend its line of pasta into the plant-based, gluten-free market, and with that came the challenge of inventing an original name and branding that stands out on its own. From the Brand to the packaging, not only was its award-winning, it has been winning with all the customers you have tried it.

Content Design & Print Production

Starting anything from scratch can be a tall order – especially when entering a competitive marketplace.

We were tasked to develop the brand of its new line of gluten-free kinds of pasta, which included: a logo, typography, colour palette, and packaging design to create a look that genuinely stood out from the competition.

From our creative teams to our production and packaging teams, we designed and launched an excellent brand for consumers who wanted a healthier option.

Humbly named, It’s Good Pasta; with a fresh and original new look, we helped the “Its Good Pasta” brand expand its presence in this fast-growing marketplace. We were bringing a healthier food choice to consumers, emblematic of the brand we had crafted and designed.

After all the work and collaboration, we shared the distinct pleasure of being awarded Silver Award Winner at the 2019 Pac Awards.

About National Pasta

National Pasta is a proudly Canadian company that offers authentic Italian plates of pasta, sauces, and other traditional Italian products.


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  • Typography
  • Print 
  • Brand
  • Packaging Design
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