Project Overview

Eyewords™ are designed to build confidence and allow learners to trust in their natural abilities. Their program enables students to feel good about themselves as learners. 

The task was to create a compelling brand story emphasizing the connection between Eyewords™ and early education; more important was bringing the Brand to life supported by a digital ecosystem that would empower the Eyewords™ Brand and its products to reach the world — automated and seamless.

Logo Design

We take significant steps when considering an updated logo design; we wanted to give colour choices to complement a more modernized version and give the new Eyewords logo more depth by creating a visual connection to the Eyewords target market, its values emblematic of their personality. We wanted to focus on the right combination of colours to visually communicate and resonate with the company’s idea of inclusion and acceptance across the spectrum of learners worldwide.

Imagery & Video Production

Our focus was on the Eyewords brand values that required visual communication through extensive research and storyboarding. The essential part of this project was that the imagery and video were focused on what the products represented. Everything in our Q and A led to the one compelling question that everything visual would wrap around. ” Will my child make it?” Our tactical goal as creators was to engage their audience with meaningful and emotional imagery—the benefits of using Eyewords around empowerment and confidence.

Website Design

Eyewords internally was a small operation that fulfilled orders on its own; A great place to expand their online reach was to build the brand and products on Shopify. The backend fulfillment we made would create an automated fulfillment process leveraging one of the largest eCommerce platforms in the world, Amazon, by using your FBA inventory to fulfill their Shopify orders. Amazon will store their products for Eyewords, so they don’t have to worry about using their home, leasing warehouse space, or using another third-party fulfillment center. Amazon will pick, pack, and ship the orders for them automatically. Amazon passes on its great shipping rates, which are typically much more affordable than getting a shipping label themselves.

Digital Media

The plan was to introduce and educate potential customers first and then use sales funnel tactics between the ads and website to drive conversion over time. While “sight words” are available by many businesses that have succumbed to a markdown promotion, our goal was to project their USP to justify the science behind their products. Once we understood this, the budgeting with the client would be easier to understand the spending and the outcome. 


We printed sets 1, 2, and 3, which contained 55 Eyewords cards and 1000 decks of Set 4, including 45 cards. We also printed the associated Cover wraps for each tier, and shrink-wrapped the decks. We also printed 1000 Dictionaries representing Sets 1,2 &3, and 500 Dictionaries representing sets 1 & 2.

About Eyewords

Eyewords is a multisensory learning system researched and approved by Stanford University.

Digital Platforms

  • Shopify Brand & Store Front End 
  • Amazon Backend & Fulfilment. via FBA


  • User Experience (UX) 
  • User Interface Design (UI) 
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)/ 
  • Competitive Marketplace Digital Analysis 
  • Product Strategy Customer Experience
  • Digital Strategy & Media Planning
  • Content 
  • Photography & Imagery Capture


  • Responsive Design 
  • Digital Roadmap 
  • Brand Identity 
  • Implementation 
  • End-to-End Development 
  • Brand Videos & Content Delivery