Increased volume of orders from one of our clients was becoming too much to maintain without a custom computerized data entry solution. As work continued to increase and our internal operations continued to run smoothly, our client asked if we could develop a feature to allow our client’s sales representatives to login and create their orders rather than sending order instructions via phone or email.


We developed a data entry workflow that allowed us to template the ordering process and reduce the time it takes to put an order into production.

We had to work in a relatively beta environment so we could develop new sections and features of our system in a very short amount of time and effort. The primary reason we choose the IWP route was because of the experimental nature of the project, we did not know how our audience would interact with the system, so we dove right into IWP and worked from the ground up on creating the new client facing section to our existing system.


Sleeman Breweries


Workflow Efficiency Development



Continuous improvements have been added as users find new ways to further automate particular processes.