Beer Crate / 5514 Design

SLEEMAN BEER CRATE FT. 5514 CHALLENGE Sleeman’s Seasonal Selections packs are released every spring and fall, offering consumers a sampling of flavours from the brewery’s beer line up. Our task was to refresh the look of the packaging across all existing SKUs and introduce this season’s new limited release addition [...]

GO Seafood Re-Brand and Package Design

GREEN OCEAN SEAFOOD CHALLENGE Green Ocean (GO) Seafood is a company with sustainability in mind. Formerly known as Green Island Seafood Products, GO challenged RC to create a new look that speaks to their values without losing identity in the competitive frozen seafood sector. Under new ownership, GO Seafood was [...]

Sleeman Brewhouse

SLEEMAN BREWHOUSE CHALLENGE Increased volume of orders from one of our clients was becoming too much to maintain without a custom computerized data entry solution. As work continued to increase and our internal operations continued to run smoothly, our client asked if we could develop a feature to allow our client’s [...]

Sapporo After Dark Campaign

SAPPORO AFTER DARK CHALLENGE Toronto agency DentsuBos (with Imaginary Forces and Big Picture) created a captivating TV spot for Sapporo, where animated samurai warriors, drummers, geishas, and dragons come to life in a contemporary urban lounge. But how could such dynamic movement translate into print? SOLUTION Using [...]