Our client wanted to develop a loyalty program where their consumers can log into a web portal to redeem game keys based on physically and digitally distributed coupon codes. We needed to design and develop a website, a database, and variably printed codes. We also needed to be able to analytically track all aspects of the project.


Over the course of 4 years we have continuously evolved the solution to meet the ever changing demands of our client. The outcome R&C developed includes code creation and distribution management, campaign program configuration, user account management, and email support ticketing.

This is a very complex solution that has been continually evolving over the past 4 years, we would be glad to explain this solution in greater detail during a face-to-face meeting.






Code & Prize Redemption Processing
User Analytics
Tech Support

THE WORKFLOW (A Simplified Explanation)
  • Management of coupon codes that are linked to promotional rules.
  • Codes being linked to promotional rules allows the client to market at various tier levels, so they can offer various prizes based on factors such as special promotions, amount of purchased merchandise, and geographical location.
  • We create codes and connect them to a distribution list so we know which country and region the codes will be distributed within. As users log in to redeem their codes, we capture the transaction so we know when and where a single coupon code has been redeemed.
  • We offer various analytical reports to the client that show weekly transactions, game key inventory balances, and more.